MAGA Hat Memes

The left in this country loves claiming that they are the party of tolerance, that they are the intellectual party and are open for debate and dissent. According to them, it is the right that is violent, close-minded, and unwilling to compromise. If we ever decide to challenge them on this bold claim of theirs all we need to do is bring up the Covington high-school kids and their reaction.

Yes, it’s Photoshopped. But we hard this famous Photoshop angers libs so we’re putting it up.

The biggest crime of Nick Sandmann and his classmates wasn’t that they mobbed, mocked, or disrespected Nathan Phillips, the Native American “veteran” who was drumming a protest at the Lincoln Memorial – it was that they were wearing Make American Great Again hats. It was because of the iconic red baseball hats that made the kids instantly guilty of hate and disrespect.

According to the far left, anyone who wears the MAGA hat is not only a racist, misogynist bigot, but you’re proud of it and wearing the hat to challenge them. Not only that, but the current President is such a hate monger that he has created an environment in which hatred and bigotry can be advertised openly through those little red hats, and they, the left wing warriors of peace have the obligation to stop you. Like a bull charging at the red cape of a bullfighter, the leftist radicals will become infuriated over that hat and attack you in any way they can.

Alyssa Milano tweeted, “The red MAGA hat is the new white hood.” This is actually a fantastic analogy by Ms. Milano except for the fact that the left is far more intolerant and violent than the right, and that there have been approximately zero incidents of Americans wearing the MAGA hats to carry out crimes against minorities. TV writer and producer David Simon echoed Ms. Milano’s sentiment when he said that while the hat was “once a campaign prop, a MAGA cap now fronts for such raw evil,” as if the rad hat with the white embroidery is somehow equivalent to the swastika when it’s actually the left who are currently attacking Jews.

There’s nothing that the right can do to convince the left otherwise. Even though it’s Antifa that is attacking people on the streets, the right are the ones who get blamed for it. Even though the Christchurch shooter was radically pro-environment and anti-Trump, he’s considered right wing and his actions were blamed on Trump. At this point there’s nothing that we can do so we will continue to wear our hats. Not because we think one race is superior to another, or because we hate women, and definitely not because we think Donald Trump is completely blameless, but because we’re tired of being blamed for everything, because we’re tired of the left deciding what the issues are that matter, what the outcome is for everything.

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