Linda Sarsour Is Someone You Need To Know All About

It’s easy to paintLinda Sarsour in a postive light. She’s a Brooklyn born Muslim of “Palestinian” immigrants. She rose to fame for her protests of alleged monitoring of Muslims, arranging several Black Lives Matter protests, and Women’s Marches. She calls herself a Democratic Socialist, was called a “Champion of Change” by Barack Obama, and is one of Bernie Sanders’ biggest supporters for the 2020 election.

The reality is that Sarsour is a lot more sinister underneath the surface. She is incredibly anti-Semitic, has strong ties to the hateful black nationalist and supremacist Louis Farrakhan, and has met with the leaders of terrorist groups Hamas. Furthermore, she is a strong proponent for implementing Sharia Law in the US, claims Donald Trump stole the election, and that the US practices systemic discrimination against Muslims and people of color.

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Fun fact: The above isn’t a meme. It’s literally a screenshot.


Linda Sarsour gets frustrated with the Daily Caller News Foundation

The Truth About Linda Sarsour

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