Launch Day – 2018 Nov 22

There’s no shortage of websites with articles, jokes, and memes making fun of topics from the liberal perspective. Even when you watch TV or listen to non-talk radio, it’s all left leaning. There’s a few here and there, or occasionally, one of these left leaning sites or stations will aim at themselves, about 5% of the time, and call it “being fair.” Hogwash.

It’s time for that to change. We’ve decided to come with a website to talk and joke about the same issues, talk about the same people, but from the conservative point of view. Our site will be easy to navigate, full of the latest content, and updated regularly. We’ll counter the left’s propaganda and push the perspective of those with a common sense, conservative point of view. Our goal is to end their monopoly on what’s talked about and help those of us on the right express our thoughts and opinions and hopefully change the narrative. We’ll also do our best to keep a positive, non-hateful / non-spiteful tone, which is hard to do in today’s environment, but we’ll try!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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