(Article) Introducing Gwen Berry, national embarrassment

Gwen Berry went from an unknown athlete to, albeit briefly, the most famous woman in America because of the temper tantrum she threw during the podium ceremony for winning bronze in an Olympic trial, turning her back on Old Glory when they played the national anthem, a standard ceremony during the entire event.

While everyone else turned and faced the music, Berry turned instead towards the cameras and pouted at the cameras, taking the opportunity to bring attention to herself in what she obviously thought would be a protest. She thought she would be the next Colin Kaepernick, more famous for hating the country than for being a bad quarterback, instead she came across as a petulant, ungrateful child with an unpatriotic side almost as bad as Benedict Arnold’s.

Berry thought she would be the next darling of the America-hating left, that she would be rewarded for her sense of entitlement, that she would be acknowledged as a victim – hero and maybe get a book deal or a circuit through the morning talk shows.

This might still happen because that’s how the left operates; all on emotion and little on fact, we’ll just have to see. Will they be praising her for “telling her truth” while the Hong Kongese are being snatched up on the streets and disappeared for talking against the Chinese government?

Will they give her a book deal while Ukrainians are losing their homes and their lands to the Russians who want to expand? Is Gwendolyn Berry going to be the VIP at movie premieres while the Taliban takes over Afghanistan again after Joe Biden’s horrible withdrawal of our soldiers and Marines? Will she be called a hero while we give Afghanistan back to the enemy despite thousands of our troops dying for that land?

Berry says that she’s “here to represent those who died due to systemic racism,” but isn’t she herself proof that black women can excel in America with effort and the right attitude? Did she not have a baby out of wedlock at age 15 but still earn a college scholarship in the country she calls “systemically racist?” Her very own story is proof that her narrative is false, yet she’s going to call her country racist and evil because it might make her a tad more famous, and the left is going to praise her for it.

She said she’s going to do the same thing at the Olympics when she gets there, and she’ll get praise from the left for doing it. She’ll grace the cover of Time Magazine or Sports Illustrated. The left will whitewash her story and spin it so that she’s a hero to millions of little girls, many of them from the humble beginnings she had and facing the same odds. Except that these little girls will look to an America hater as their hero instead of the true patriotic athletes that Berry watched and learned about during her childhood like Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson, and more.

Gwen Berry is a disgrace and her temper tantrum is a stain on the Olympics.

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