Ilhan Omar is proud of everything except being an American

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Congresswoman Ilhan Omar sent out a Tweet in which she said she’s proud of wearing a hijab, being Muslim, being black, being foreign born, being Somalian, and being a refugee. She’s proud of pretty much everything EXCEPT of the country that took her in, made her famous, and gave her a high paying job making the laws that the rest of us live under.

The reply she got from her opponent for the Congressional seat in November absolutely destroyed her.

As did the one from Senator Ted Cruz.

We are far from being fans of Omar and routinely post memes mocking her. We have a few posted below, but you can click here or on any of the memes to see the full post.

Bonus Video 1:

Liz Cheney: Ilhan Omar Embodies ‘Vile, Hate-Filled, Anti-Semitic, Anti-Israel Bigotry’

Representative Ilhan Omar under fire again for anti-Semitic comments

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