Ice Cold Corona… virus

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Stock market panics, stores are being emptied, and the news won’t shut up about it. The coronavirus is serious, but not so serious that you can’t have a laugh and enjoy these memes. Before you get started, though, here’s 3 the 3 takeaways from this “emergency”

  • Don’t panic. The death rates are high only among the elderly and those with underlying health conditions. Help your grandparents and your sick family members by bringing them food and water and keeping them away from public places as much as possible for the next few weeks.
  • All of us could use a little more sanitation in our lives. What you’re doing now is probably overkill. Tone it down a notch but keep it up when life goes back to normal.
  • You should always be prepared for emergencies. This isn’t it, but an emergency WILL come. Don’t be the jerk emptying out store shelves now on a non-emergency. Instead, slowly build up your emergency supplies for when actual emergency comes along.

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