How Trump treated our troops vs. how Biden treats our troops

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Joe Biden put the troops who “defended” him against a non-existent attack by the right wing in a cold parking garage in the middle of winter, having limited bathrooms and one power outlet for an unknown number of troops – the Pentagon obviously trying to hide this number.

Obviously, the Biden administration said after the fact that it was a mistake and simple oversight, blamed the Pentagon, and the media is hot on reporting his apology and spinning it the right way to minimize danger.

Let’s recall that just a few short days ago we had a Commander-in-Chief who cared about the troops, who wouldn’t mobilize them to spin a fake narrative about “impending right wing terrorist” attacks in order to hide that his inauguration would have less people in it than a roadside diner at 3 A.M.

The difference between Trump and Biden cannot be any more clear than this.

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