Here’s the easiest summary of what happened

TOO MANY COINCIDENCES – Trump was ahead in EVERY swing state when, simultaneously, all the swing states AND ONLY the swing states received an order to stop counting and kick out Republican poll watchers. Overflowing toilet reported as a water main burst, but only Republicans were asked to leave?

VIDEOS UNEXPLAINED – Several vidoes have come out with no explanation has been given yet to how boxes full of ballots were stored under tables and brought out only after the vote count stopped, and then these ballots all went to Democrats at 3:00am causing the late night spikes? The same few people returning to ballot boxes multiple times to drop off ballots when only ONE vote is allowed per person and ballot harvesting is illegal. A video of the same stack of ballots that went mostly to Biden being put through the counting machine several times – but, “don’t worry, it only counts them once.” Really? Then why did you run it through a half dozen times?

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MORE VOTES THAN VOTERS IN MULTIPLE AREAS, AND ALL OF THESE “ONE-OFF” SITUATIONS WENT TO BIDEN. Biden won a record low number of counties, but the counties he DID win he won by so much that it didn’t matter. For instance, in several states Biden lost counties that Democrats carried before or were roughly evenly, so in states that counties were split 50/50 just two years prior in the mid-terms, Biden lost counties making it 70/30. But the counties that Biden DID win, he gained so much support that it outweighed the several counties he lost by a large margin – and in these counties the voter participation rate neared or exceeded 100%.

QUESTIONING AND INVESTIGATING IS NOT ALLOWED. The worst part is that questioning the results would’ve gotten you banned from Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, our nation’s largest and easiest ways of communication. Investigations were forbidden, with Democrats of all people calling them a waste of taxpayer money. Even better, the few investigations that were done all uncovered massive fraud but were called untrustworthy even though they were done by independent agencies, fully recorded and documented their findings, etc.

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PUSSYFOOTING ABOUND. Further complicating the issue are people like Joe Rogan and others in the media who admit that some fraud was probably present, but not enough to alter the final vote, and that voter fraud is present in every election. Listen, Joe – and everyone else – look at all of the evidence, all of the inconsistencies, all of the “well, that’s just weird but I’m sure there’s nothing behind it so let’s move on” excuses and see the whole picture. Not only were there a lot more “inconsistencies” than usual, but they all went Biden’s way? Not only were there stored boxes of ballots under a table, but the box was only opened when Republican poll watchers were kicked out, and these ballots all went to Democrats?

When is enough evidence enough evidence? Or do you just not WANT to see it?

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