Gun Confiscation – The Worst Idea in American Political History

Every single major Democratic Presidential candidate has advocated for extreme gun control in one form or another. For years Conservatives have been saying that liberals – on both the Democrat and Republican side – want to take our gunsl and we’ve been told that we’re crazy conspiracy theorists.

Well, Robert Francis O’Rourke said just that. His exact words were, “Hell yes we’re coming for your AR-15. Your AK-47.” Kamala Harris said the Constitution won’t stop her, that she’ll act on a Presidential order to do it. Joe Biden said the same.

This page hilariously documents how the vast majority of Americans feels about this stupid dream of theirs. Collect the memes and share, or post this page on your Facebook or Instagram feed, or Tweet it out, or do whatever you gotta do to help spread the message: “Hell no you’re not going to take my AR-15.”

Well, it’s better than shooting them for not turning in their weapons.
Honest question: How far away from being shot were they, though?

Does this t-shirt say “Don’t Be A Dumbass?” Or does it say “Don’t Be A Dumb Democrat?”

If you like your humor tongue-in-cheek and subtle, this is the perfect shirt for you. Click here or on the image below to order yours today.

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