Greta Thunberg is the Most Annoying Person of 2019

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Greta Thunberg announced that she’s taking a break from her activism. Unsurprisingly it comes after a train company called out her and her parents’ bullshit about being crammed in an overcrowded train.

Regardless of the reason, this is the best news story of the year. She is nothing but an actress, a mouthpiece for the socialist left. She was manipulated into doing this by her parents who manipulated her and the media into getting world wide attention. Their aim was to have little Greta travel the world and meet celebrities and politicians, always with her parents in tow. She was the main attraction of a traveling circus and her parents were the ring leaders.

One of the more frustrating things about the attention that Greta Thunberg gets is that instead of shining a spotlight on people who actually DO things, the media spends all their time covering Greta – and the reason that they cover her is that everyone else is covering her. Just like the Kardashians, the reason that she’s famous is because she’s famous. It’s like a Catch-22 of media incompetence.

Another reason that people find her so unappealing is how she shows up to lecture the only first world nation on Earth that is actually reducing our environmental impact. We’re not just reducing the amount we increase pollution by each year, we’re actually reducing the overall pollution level.

Time Magazine is a bunch of fools.

The creep factor really comes in to play when she’s in front of a crowd of her sycophants. A gaggle of adults who treat her as if she’s an environmental Einstein. She’s a parrot who repeats all of the same ridiculous talking points they do, except she does it on the stage that her parents procured for her. She’s their oracle so they also get up in arms at any critique aimed her way, crying about “attacking a child” or “attacking a girl with autism,” or another ridiculous defense along those same lines.

The last, and in many ways, the biggest reason that she’s so off putting is the constant hypocrisy surrounding her. While she travels the globe dispensing harshness about how Western civilization has destroyed the globe, she is doing so enjoying all the creature comforts of life, built and maintained by the very capitalistic system she pretends to hate. She’ll gladly give a press conference saying how your way of life is killing her and then go back to her room or hang out with Leonardo DiCaprio on his yacht and do all the stuff she just lectured you about. It’s enough hypocrisy to choke on but you’re not allowed to even mention it.

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