Green New Deal was Dead on Arrival

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s first proposal in Washington was immediately ridiculed after it’s announcement. Not only did it call for financial security for those who refused to work, but it also called for removal of 90% of cars, virtual abandonment of all forms of energy production that aren’t solar or wind, but we can’t use nuclear, and the destroying and then rebuilding of all structures in the United States so we can replace them with new, more energy efficient ones. The initial estimate on it’s cost: $19 TRILLION per year ($19,000,000,000,000.00)

Because of AOC’s fame and popularity, many prominent Democrats rushed to support the bill before actually reading it (I hope!) and now their names are attached to this catastrophe. It includes welfare for all citizens, free health care for everyone in America, including those here illegally, and free college for everyone, also including those who are here illegally. The Green New Deal is pure, unadulterated socialism.

We’re not the only website to initially laugh at AOC’s catastrophe of a bill, though. Many news sites responded with ridiculing her and those who supported it, as well as some powerful Democrats including Nancy Pelosi.

Even the Green New Deal’s artwork is just like the Soviet’s.
Before the bill’s details were taken down we had a chance to read this gem, AOC’s plan for universal basic income – Guaranteed cash for those unwilling to work!
Read the list of co-sponsors and be sure to not vote for them in 2020.

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