Great idea! And here’s what the liberals will say to this meme and one good way to counter it

Liberals: “Okay, well, we’d do the same: No free college, no free healthcare, and no government welfare! We’ll see how long you last!”

Conservative response: “You mean without the high taxes, fraud, and blatant waste that comes from those bloated government systems? We’ll be doing just fine immediately right away!”


Conservative: “Oh, and you get all the illegals who don’t even pay taxes but for minor sales tax.”

Liberals: [Probably calling you a racist for that last statement]

Check this out!

Conservative: [Interrupt and say how our society probably wouldn’t even notice when theirs blipped out of existence, other than a few trying to illegally cross into our half – that we’d have to shoot on sight, of course, just like the Chinese do on their borders.

Check this out!
Check this out!

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