(Article) Goodbye, CHAZ!

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CHAZ is gone now, but we can always look back at what the enlightened liberals ended up doing when left to form their own society. They had full control, without any interference, and this is what they created – a complete and utter failure. A train wreck of a society. The Hindenberg was more successful!

As you scroll down just remember one thing: They actually tried to implement this to be at least semi-permanent. These things were meant for the long haul, so don’t believe their excuses now that it was just for show, they actually thought this garbage was going to work!

CHAZ Security Forces

Yea, these two geniuses were tasked with providing security.

CHAZ Agriculture

What is it with leftists thinking that farming is easy? Granted, CHAZ was a bunch of college dropouts thinking they knew everything from their one year of community college, but even Mini Mike Bloomberg is on the record talking about how “easy” farming is.

Well, these idiots created a farm and this is what we got. Even AOC is sad about it (just kidding – AOC is Photoshopped in – but the “farm” is real!

Meanwhile, Biden has been hidin’! Locked away for 89 days to prevent more gaffes and embarrassments!

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Of course they could do things like this – their society didn’t have to worry about providing utilities, police, or any type of “real” services to the community.

This shouldn’t be a surprise as the left is always requesting more money for non-essential items, not looking at the impact that their “wants” have on necessities such as the military or law enforcement.

Ran out of food in 2 days!

Liberals have always argued about the sanctity of homeless people, how they shouldn’t be shunned and invited into the community, how we should accept them as they are and not try to “fix” or “rehabilitate” them. Well, this is the inevitable result of that line of thinking.

I can get behind the “let a thousand autonomous zones bloom” movement. If all leftists form a huge commune, independent of the rest of us, I’d be all for it. We’ll even provide military protection for them, assuming the commune is within the borders of the US. The trade off is they can’t ask for taxpayer funding for anything, including for years after they return to society, since they won’t be paying taxes.

“Plant Allies…”

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