Get Woke, Go Broke!

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Hollywood is the mecca of the liberal agenda so we’re not surprised that so many of their movies and TV shows have a leftist spin to it. But, even with that in mind, it’s mind boggling how much money they sink into producing garbage propaganda disguised as entertainment because the public just doesn’t buy it. Here’s some of their biggest flops so far.


Huge flop! The all-female cast screamed social justice. Fans tried screaming “No!” but were told to shut up and that they’d still go watch it because they loved the original so much. We decided to stay home instead and the studio made $70M less than it cost to make it.

Star Trek Beyond

Even George Takei, a gay liberal activist and a co-creator of the original Star Trek was against the creators of this reboot making Hikari Sulu a homosexual. This didn’t sink the film, but perhaps it would’ve been good instead of mediocre if they spent more time on plot and acting instead of perfecting their social justice message.

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The Break With Michelle Wolf

This show wasn’t very good to begin with, but when they aired a skit called “Salute to Abortions,” Netflix immediately pulled it after the backlash. Maybe someone should tell these fools that the vast majority of Americans want at least some limits on abortion, and even the ones who want completely unrestricted abortions typically find it distasteful to joke about.

Flop in the making: Gilligan’s Island Reboot

No need for us to type anything, just read the producer’s intent below.

Avengers: Endgame

The movie itself was phenomenal, but this nearly two minute scene to illustrate “girl power” was universally hated by everyone who wasn’t a raging feminist.

I Feel Pretty

Amy Schumer goes out of her way to be known as a woke activist, getting arrested at protests, calling Republicans white supremacists and illiterates, and all sorts of other garbage, and then she wants us to go watch a movie about how we should think she’s attractive even though she’s not? Not only is a movie about body positivity almost certain to fail, but they cast one of the most despised actresses in Hollywood to star in it. It’s almost as if they wanted to lose money with this one.

Charlie’s Angels

Here’s a positive review for this absolute disaster of a movie from the jerks over at ComicsBeat.com. We typed in bold the liberal catchphrases to emphasize the work message of the movie captured in this ridiculous review.

“How do you build on the legacy of Charlie’s Angels in a way that feels fresh, interesting, and relevant to the current cultural moment? If you’re Elizabeth Banks, you expand the Townsend Agency into an international organization headed by dozens of Bosleys, emphasize the fact that any woman can be an Angel, and create a plot with one simple, but effective, message: trust no man.

Starring Banks, Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska as Bosley, Sabina, Elena, and Jane, Charlie’s Angels operates on the core tenet that women can — and should — do anything, as long as it’s their choice and no one else’s. Building on the original TV series and the early-aughts films, rather than ignoring or talking over them (although Sir Patrick Stewart Sir is Photoshopped into stills from both as ‘the original Bosley’), this movie seeks to paint the Angels as a progressive organization constantly seeking new talent. Its goal is to take down rich and powerful men whose morals extend as far as their wallets, but no further.”

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