Gavin Newsom’s San Francisco


California’s Governor is the most liberal in the country. He’s so far to the left that even run-of-the-mill liberals are wanting to have a recall election to remove him from office.

How he got elected is a mystery, but if we could spread these pictures of how bad San Francisco is, where Gavin Newsom was mayor for 7 years maybe it’ll speed up the recall!

Fun fact: Nancy Pelosi is Gavin Newsom’s aunt, and San Francisco is her Congressional district!
Isn’t it great that she’s focused on impeachment and not cleaning up her disgusting city?

Newsom’s priority wasn’t illegal immigration – quite the opposite, San Francisco was a sanctuary city and California is virtually a sanctuary STATE now.

It also wasn’t making defecating on the street illegal – it’s now perfectly legal!

It was banning smoking from parks and beaches – because it’s much easier to control the law abiding citizens who tend to visit state parks and beaches than the homeless who have made San Francisco their home.

Yup! Charming guy had an affair with his best friend’s wife.

Video: Behind the Scenes. Walking San Francisco’s dirty streets

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