Four of President Barack Obama’s Biggest Scandals

“We have not had a major scandal in my administration,” said President Barack Obama.

This was obviously a lie when it was first said to anyone who was willing to put more than ten seconds of thought into it. However, the left keeps saying how much they miss the scandal-free Obama years and the lie is almost reaching the point where it’s repeated so much that it becomes truth.

Well, here’s some memes and facts on his biggest scandals to arm yourself with to help combat the lie.

1. Veterans Affairs Waiting List

Our veterans are one of the things that we need to protect more as a nation, especially if we want to maintain an all-volunteer force. This scandal should have been a personal insult to every red blooded American, but because of the lack of attention paid to it by the pro-Obama media, he got away with the responsibility for it not being laid at his feet. The coverup and blame spreading on this one was widespread largely because it was happening during the national conversation about whether or not to embrace the Affordable Care Act, better known as “Obamacare.” The President thought, and he was right, that Americans wouldn’t want government run healthcare if the best known example of it was the VA system.

It was a complex scandal with lots of moving parts, and a lot of obfuscation of facts because of the public’s general ignorance of Department of Defense and Department . Essentially, the Department of Veterans Affairs Inspector General noted that there was an issue with the waiting lists at a Phoenix clinic, namely that there were two waiting lists – a phony one to make retirees and veterans feel like they were being taken care of, and a real one for the ones who really were going to be seen. When the IG expanded its investigation, it found that similar practices were being held at VA hospitals throughout the nation and that approximately 307,000 veterans died of their illnesses while waiting to be seen by a doctor.

2. IRS Targeting Conservatives

Easily the most alarming of President Obama’s scandals, this one was never resolved. Basically, groups and organizations that were applying for tax-exempt status were scrutinized for their political views and if they weren’t in line with the Obama administration’s ideology, they were denied tax exempt status, targeted for audits and other means of harassment. No one was fired for this, no one went to prison, and Lois Lerner, the highest ranking person implicated, claimed that her computer with all the evidence crashed, she was then allowed to plead the 5th during the investigation, and retire with full benefits.

The best part? The Eric Holder-led Justice Department was aware of the matter for several months before Congress but took no action. Why? Obama’s re-election was coming up.

3. Operation Fast and Furious

Operation Fast and Furious was an Eric Holder led / Barack Obama approved program in which the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms let US guns get smuggled in to Mexico. The plan was to eventually spring a trap and uncover a den of arms dealers, and then to eventually use this data to plot out gun violence, and use that data as an attack on the Second Amendment. The program came to an immediate stop when some of the guns were found at the murder scene of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

The investigation into who knew what and when was stonewalled by Attorney General Eric Holder. It was obvious that President Obama at least knew of the operation and that there were plans to use this data to attack the Second Amendment after the President’s speech in Mexico, but the final outcome was five lower tier ATF agents taking the fall for the whole operation, with Eric Holder claiming that he was only vaguely aware. Eric Holder was found to be in contempt of Congress, but he was never prosecuted, most likely because of intervention by President Obama and other Democrats.

The latest count on the amount of deaths caused by this botched operation was 69, although this number is probably much higher because the death count was halted by the Eric Holder controlled Justice Department after it became obvious that it would not be in his favor.

Our most important amendment! Click on the image above for some great memes and share them with everyone you know. We need to keep gun rights fresh in everyone’s mind for the inevitable next assault on gun owners.

4. The Solyndra Loan – Right Before Bankruptcy

Everyone wants clean energy, no one wants a dirty planet. However, where as conservatives want a slow, measured approach, liberals are in favor of a no-brakes method that often leads to catastrophe. Case in point: Solyndra.

President Barack Obama pushed for a $535 million dollar loan guarantee to Solyndra as part of his 2009 stimulus bill, claiming that the jobs were shovel ready and all Solyndra needed was a small financial boost. What he didn’t disclose was that George Kaiser, Solyndra’s biggest shareholder at the time, was a friend and a major financial contributor to his campaign. Unfortunately, the Obama administration didn’t do their homework on the company because even a small look at their books would’ve revealed that they were on the verge of bankruptcy and Solyndra did just that a mere weeks after receiving the over half-billion dollar guaranteed loan.

Was the loan of government money a way of President Obama paying Kaiser back? To allow him to recoup some of his losses before declaring bankruptcy? Unfortunately we’ll never know because the FBI investigation was (just like in all the scandals above), thwarted and stalled and never resumed, making this one of the President’s biggest scandals.

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