Forget Greta, These Kids Are Making A Real Difference

While the media was hyper-focused on the ever scowling Greta Thunberg, these young geniuses were making a real impact on the climate and environment.

Naomi Seibt

Nicknamed the “Anti-Greta,” Naomi Seibt has made a name for herself by speaking to millions of teenagers about what she calls “Climate Realism,” advocating for common sense solutions that won’t destroy economies for negligible improvement to the environment.

Boyan Slat

At age 16 Boyan Slat came up with a system to use circulating currents to help gather and clean plastic from the oceans. He founded founded The Ocean Cleanup in 2014 and it has grown to be one of the the biggest cleaning ocean operations on the planet.

Morgan Vague

What could be a better way to fix our world’s plastic problem than with bacteria who eat it and turn it into harmless enzymes? Morgan Vague may go down in history as one of the most important people in history because of this!

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