(Article) Five Reasons I’ll Never Vote for a Democrat

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Today’s Democrats have lost all rights to anyone’s votes until they fix these specific issues in their party and platform. I’m not even asking for them to come to the conservative side of the issue, but at least to the center. They have a bunch to work on, but for now, here’s the five deal breakers for many conservatives:


Leftists in the party are calling everything racist have shut down communication and integration among Americans. It’s used to shut down opposing viewpoints and bully people into getting in line with them.

Until “mainstream” Democrats stop the leftists in their party from using the “R” word every ten seconds they should not get a single vote from independent voters.


Respect is one of those words that was hard to define but everyone knew what it was. The left has taken control of the “party of tolerance” and now everything they don’t agree with at the moment gets viciously disrespected – our religions, our military, our police officers, our flag, the President.

Our current crop of teens to thirty year-olds is screwed, but corporal punishment needs to come back just to instill the concept of respect into the next generation.

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While mostly it’s big tech that is actually doing it, Democrats support the censorship of all view points that disagree with them. Also, Democrats in Congress periodically float the idea of expanding “hate speech” laws. On the surface it seems reasonable, until you realize that it’ll be them to determine what is “hate speech” and that essentially everything they disagree with will fall under that definition.

Our Facebook page and Twitter account have been victims of this several times. On one particularly long lasting suspension we simply stopped posting on Facebook, but somehow got another week of suspension – we literally got punished for nothing! These bans cost us actual money as most of our website comes from Facebook links, but we continue to push forward and speaking our mind because it’s that important.

Their reason for censorship is simple: When people are exposed to conservative ideas they tend to agree with them. While a powerful reason for them to do it, our nation’s future is at stake. It’s also just an a5sh0le thing to do by Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey.

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The Democrat party agenda has moved on from wanting to only control automatic and semi-automatic weapons to controlling everything.

They want to classify pistols with stabilizing braces as short barreled rifles, they want to reduce even further the size of magazines (or “clips,” whatever those are). If they could force gun manufacturers to make bolt-action pistols they would.

If they can’t outlaw your weapon then make no mistake that they’ll either try to ban the ammo it uses, or tax it so high to make it impossible for most of us to buy. Proposals and ideas floating around include a $50 fee for background checks that are only good for a month, exorbitant taxes on ammo, and extreme restrictions of how much you can buy such as a box a month.

They claim to only want “common sense” gun control but what they want is a full ban on anything that can be used against the government that they’re increasingly in control of should it finally cross the line into tyranny.

And, remember, the purpose of the Second Amendment is to protect ourselves from the government; not for hunting, not for burglars.


They don’t just support abortion – they support the most extreme and disgusting displays of abortion, calling it “art.” They hold signs saying their abortions were “fabulous,” and bragging about it.

They don’t just support Black Lives Matter – which we all do, the principle, not the organization – but they support and encourage the riots, the violence, all of it.

Until Democrat politicians do a better job of calling their own out for the absolute garbage they do in the name of “art” and “justice,” they’ve lost all rights to my vote, and I hope yours as well.


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