Finish The Wall Part 2

Honestly, her phone is better than mine lol

The border wall will be a one time cost of – let’s estimate ridiculously high – $20 billion, with all the bells and whistles of partial wall, electronic surveillance in some parts, guard towers or guard huts where required, etc. The cost burden of illegal immigrants who use our resources without contributing in the form of taxes is $99 billion, not to mention the untold costs of the crimes that they commit and the drugs that they smuggle in. In time, a border wall will decrease that $99 billion down to where it has paid for itself multiple times over.

A rational person would ask themselves, “So why don’t Democrats want to support it?”

If that same rational person asks themselves, “So, why don’t Democrats support requiring a valid ID in order to vote?” and adds in the fact that Democrats are in favor of giving illegal immigrants every single welfare benefit possible, they would very likely come to the conclusion that it’s all tied together.

Seriously though, why does Katy Perry look like she wants to talk to my manager?

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