Facebook’s “Fact Checkers” Get Fact Checked on Racist Coronavirus Tweets

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Facebook’s fact checkers called us out as fake news once for posting this meme pointing out that the Democrats called Trump racist for implementing travel bans in the early stages of the global coronavirus pandemic.

Democrats are now saying the President didn’t do enough in the early stages of the pandemic, even though he formed a task force while they were impeaching him. They’re saying he didn’t act quickly enough, even though he acted so quickly that they didn’t even have time to register he was doing it for disease prevention and responded to his actions with their knee jerk “racist!” calls.

I’d like to ask the “fact checkers” a simple question: What about this is false? Because I went to all of their individual Twitter accounts and found all of their Tweets and took these screen shots.

The only one we couldn’t find was Chuck Schumer’s. And that’s because Slimy Schumer deleted his.

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Here’s some facts:

1. Facebook should get out of the Fact Checking business if they’re just going to censor one side of the conversation.

2. Is Facebook a publisher or a platform? You can’t get the benefits of both, Mr. Zuckerberg. Pick one. The bottom line is that if the phone company doesn’t interrupt my phone conversations for fake news, then you shouldn’t interrupt me and my followers’ conversations, either

3. We rely on Facebook for the majority of our traffic. We go out of our way to censor ourselves, putting up less spicy memes, and have stopped getting multiple bans like we discussed on this post and again on this post. But now we’re getting called out as “fake” when the Tweets exist? This seems like it won’t end until we censor ourselves to the point that we’re just another pro-Bernie site.

4. We need YOUR help. Click on any of the censorship memes below for a link to learn more about these unAmerican practices and see how you can help.

This was the only picture we had on our Facebook page for about a month until they stopped giving us weekly bans. Absolutely ridiculous!

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