Facebook Jail!

On September 21st, a troll account named “Samir Hap” (not their real name) was spamming our Facebook page, so we banned this clown.

Bans don’t apply to reviewing the website, so he reviewed our website saying that we’re thin-skinned and ban people we don’t agree with, to which we replied with the following post. Note there’s no profanity, and our post tells “Samir Hap” why this account was banned from our page.

Samir Hap reports us to Facebook and gets us a 24 hour ban, which Facebook refuses to lift. We are banned from OUR OWN PAGE for asking a troll to stop trolling.

The best part is that Samir Hap’s page was created solely to troll, as evident by the pictures and comments made which Facebook could have seen by looking at the profile.

Hence, our policy going forward is simple: We won’t reply to direct posts. Trolling will be deleted immediately, and repeated trolls will simply be banned.

Help us fight censorship!

Follow us on GETTER (fnyconservative), Gab (@TheFunnyConservative), and Parler (@TheFunnyConservative). We’d like to leave Facebook as quickly as possible, but cannot afford to do so until we have enough traffic coming from these other platforms.

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