Exposing the Liberal Bias in Media

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Liberal bias has always been speculated, but some Americans refuse to believe it or think it’s a slight to moderate problem at worst.

As we head into the 2020 election let’s make sure everyone knows how big a problem it is by sharing our site and these memes.

When Mike Lindell donated 75% of his company’s production to making masks, instead of praising and thanking him the media instead made fun of him for mentioning God and the Bible during his speech.

She’s technically not in the media, but she is a celebrity (D lister) and the media fawns all over her because she’s a far left nut, so we felt it was appropriate to include Alyssa Milano on this post.

FLASHBACK to WaPo’s “Austere Scholar”

If you don’t remember Washington Post’s announcement of Trump killing super terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as an “austere scholar” and the blowout they got, click here or on any of the memes in the section below to see the full post.

While working on this post I did a search and could not find any mainstream media articles offering advice on how President Trump can defeat Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders. If you’ve ever seen one, please email it to thefunnyconservative@gmail.com

College professors aren’t part of the media. but because of their legendary inability to contain their bias in the classroom and in grading, it’s only fitting to include them on this post.

Link to video below: “Trump plays the media.”

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Video: Project Veritas’ Greatest Hits

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