Educating the fact checkers: Joe Biden and Robert Byrd

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You’ll see many “fact checkers” stating that this is “false,” however, there’s two distinct things that I’d like to point out:

Fact check 1: “They weren’t friends”

Fact checkers will say they weren’t friends, that they only worked together as Senators, and then talk about how there’s no actual way to see if someone is a friend.

My reply is simple: Byrd chose Biden to give the eulogy at his funeral. This isn’t something that you would have someone person from work do.

Fact check 2: “Byrd wasn’t a grand wizard”

You’ll see this picture with a big “false” on it going around, implying that Robert Byrd wasn’t a high ranking KKK member, that’s obviously designed to portray Joe Biden in a better light. If you’ll read a little further down into their “fact check” you’ll notice that they either leave out what he did, or say he had a different title.

My reply is simple: Robert Byrd was a major recruiter for the KKK, as well as a propaganda piece that they could point at and say “Look, we even have a US Senator on our side!” He was a garbage human being and what non-idiots would consider a close friend of Joe Biden (see Fact Check 1 above for clarification).

Also, how do the “non-racists” on the left know so much about KKK positions?

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