Don’t Let Benghazi Fade

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Hillary Clinton lying straight faced to the families of the fallen while in front of the caskets of their loved ones

Benghazi dad: Clinton stood by son’s casket and lied to me about how he died

Sean Smith’s mother fires back at Hillary Clinton

Glen Doherty’s sister reacts to Bill Clinton’s comments on Benghazi

Kris “Tanto” Paronto talks about God’s presence during Benghazi battle

Benghazi survivor: “Clinton should be held accountable”

Benghazi hero Kris Paronto

Susan Rice blaming Benghazi on a Muslim protest over a YouTube video. Blatant lie as ordered by Hillary Clinton

Kris Paronto: “Susan Rice just continues to lie”

Rand Paul interrogates Hillary Clinton during Benghazi hearing

Sean Smith’s mother: “I blame Hillary”

Truths revealed during Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi testimony

Why would Hillary lie? Because she’s Hillary

Sean Smith’s mother blasts Hillary Clinton and her lies

Greg Gutfeld: Who’s telling the truth about Benghazi?

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