Democrats Are Right: Trump Cheats in Elections!

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Don’t Let Him Win Again By Implementing Voter ID Laws Across the US!

Actually, no one here believes that. The reason that Hillary lost is because she was a garbage candidate, however, don’t say that to a liberal. When they say that Trump cheated, we think you should agree with them wholeheartedly and lead them down a path to where they agree with you that voter identification laws are the only way to ensure election integrity.

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Agree with them, let them know that theres proof of voter fraud all over the country, but don’t tell them that virtually all of it was in favor of the Democrats. Get familiar with this one document has over 1,000 documented cases and tailor your conversation to all the different ways that voter fraud happens.

Point out how “politiqueros” in Southern Texas are literally paid to round up voters, take them to polling places, and tell them how to vote. Be sure to point out how people voted exactly how they were told in exchange for cigarettes or cocaine. They’re going to think, “Wait, illegals? That’s normally a right wing argument,” but give them that leftist talking point of “Republicans wanting illegal immigrants for cheap labor” to lure them in. Let them continue to think that you’re on their side, say an occasional “Yea, Trump is a cheater”

They might talk about the importance of absentee ballots and voting by mail. This will make you want to counter with the story about forged absentee ballots. Let them know about the story, but don’t tell them that it was Democrats cheating. It’ll be tough, but you’re setting them up for a massive red pill and it’s going to be glorious.

They’re going to say the standard garbage about abolishing the electoral college, and how Clinton won the popular vote. They’ll definitely be smug about it but resist the urge to let them know that there’s ongoing legal efforts to force states to comply with Voter ID laws. Just let them keep talking about how Trump cheated, how he should’ve been impeached and removed, and all their standard talking points from CNN. Guide them to the finish line that you want, not the one they think they’re getting at.

Don’t counter their “Russian collusion” nonsense with facts about Brenda Snipes being a fraud and a crook and obviously cheating in Broward County, Florida. Instead, bring up the story about mail in ballots appearing mysteriously, but don’t attribute it to Democrats. Let them think that it was Republicans who cheated. The key is to get them to admit that mail in ballots and absentee ballots are easily tampered with.

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Agree with them. Let them think you’re on their side. Lull them into a false sense of security that this is a “bash conservatives” session. When the time is right, say that the only way to stop the right from cheating is to implement Voter ID laws.

They’ve already laid out all the ways in which people cheat on elections. You’ve been guiding them, repeatedly, towards admitting that voter fraud is rampant. You’ve led them towards admitting that Republicans are unscrupulous and have cheated on mail ballots and absentee ballots, and that Russians dominate the internet.

The only possible way to maintain election integrity is to have paper ballots, exchanging one ballot per valid ID at a poll that is monitored by an election official.

They’re going to be in some level of disbelief. You’ll have just forced them to admit that Voter ID laws are required, but this realization goes against everything they’ve heard from their liberal talking point outlets. They might be in some level of anger because you forced them to admit to themselves that Democrats need lax laws because they’re the ones who have committed the vast majority of voter fraud. They might even try to back up to the beginning of the conversation and renege on every comment they’ve made admitting that voter fraud is rampant.

Your job now is to guide this blank slate into seeing the conservative side of things and weigh it against the liberal side. You’ve spent however long talking with them about the importance of elections and guiding the conversation towards how easily the results are to manipulate. From there it’s only a short jump to talking about the only method that hasn’t been compromised, positive voter identification. You might have some difficulty, some last minute resistance, but you can hit them with the story about the time when James O’Keefe said he was Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, and got an election official to hand him his ballot because they didn’t require voter ID.

Congratulations, you’ve just given them a huge red pill, probably made a conservative.

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