The How You Can Help Defeat Censorship Mega Post

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The easiest way to help in 2020 is by spreading the conservative message and helping us generate the funds to keep the lights on.

Continue reading to see how you can help get past the censorship of social media AND get a bunch of great political memes.

Some sites have paywalls, some have annual subscriptions, and some have “mug clubs” or other similar sales for you to help. What we ask for is along the same lines, but we’re much easier to help and we’re in much more need of your help. Please read and we’ll explain why.

First, why we’re asking for help.

The answer is easy: All of the major social media sites are owned and controlled by the far left. If they would adopt a laissez-faire attitude it wouldn’t be a problem, but they do the opposite. These people target and censor conservatives. They create programs within their websites that seek out words and phrases used by the right wing and then automatically ban or suspend those accounts without even having what they find get reviewed by a human.

We have been the victims of this tyranny several times in the last few months, including one time that we were in the middle of several back-to-back week-long suspensions from Facebook. It got so ridiculous that we didn’t post anything for a few days and when it was time for our suspension to be lifted, it instead got extended. Yes, you read that right: We literally got banned for nothing.

Click here if you want to read about our first Facebook ban.

The reason that this is so dangerous to our nation is that we were founded upon the principles of free speech. Granted, social media companies are not part of the government and their owners and stock holders can run them however they see fit, however, they have become one of the main avenues of communication between Americans. More of us log in to Facebook or Instagram every day than watch broadcast television. More of us look at photos on Instagram than in our photoalbums. More of us use Snapchat than the actual telephone parts of our phone. Social media is essential to communication and the left knows that if they remove conservative thought from public discourse it’ll normalize the far left talking points and make even moderate conservative ideas seem far fetched by comparison. What they’re doing is akin to psychological warfare.

Why sites like our are more susceptible to failure under these rules

We don’t have the advertising budgets of the bigger right wing sites, and, frankly, we don’t have the audience, either. It’s hard to make any profit when you’re spending more money on advertising than you generate in merchandise sales. We depend largely on word of mouth to generate traffic to the site and most of our traffic is generated by you sharing our memes and links on Facebook. When Facebook suspends us, it removes all visibility and our traffic drops tremendously.

The first time Facebook suspended us our traffic and income dropped to almost zero. The following graphs are from our Google Adsense account which is where we generate the majority of our income.

We always heard about the tyranny and censorship on social media, but even so, we were naive to how bad it actually was. We went down to almost zero traffic because we put all of our eggs in the proverbial Facebook basket. Since then we’ve diversified, increasing our presence on Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and Pinterest. But, still even though it doesn’t drop to nearly zero anymore, a Facebook suspension still drops our income significantly because of how powerful their online presence is.

How you can help #1: Share our memes, videos, and posts

We have the largest collection of memes on the net, and our video collection is second only to YouTube. Please save individual memes or videos to share later, or, even better, to email or post on your social media the URL to your favorite posts. Not only does this help spread the conservative message, but it’ll expose more people to our site creating more fans.

How you can help #2: Keep visiting our site even if you don’t see us on social media

Steady, consistent visitors is how we earn the bulk of our money. Simply visiting our site generates money. You don’t need to click on anything, you don’t have to view videos, or anything like that. You coming at whatever schedule works for you, whether multiple times daily, once or twice a week, or just once or twice a month. Steady visitors means steady income and steady income is what we depend on to pay the bills needed to keep the site up and running. Easiest way to do it: add us to your routine or add us to your “favorites” or “bookmarks.”

We think that this is the post that got us our current suspension. As usual, there has been no information from Facebook as to why we’re suspended, only that we are. Also as per usual, there’s nothing offensive in that post, it’s literally a link to what’s being taught in California school. We do get bonus points for predicting we’d get suspended for it, though.

How you can help #3: Check out the things you’re interested in

If you’re in the market for say, a pair of sneakers, and you see a sale for sneakers posted on our site, consider checking out those sale prices. If you’re genuinely interested in something you see promoted on our site, interacting with those items or products.

How you can help #4

The most direct way to contribute is through our Patreon account. It’s a direct contribution to us and the best source of income to depend on to run our business. Our Patreon supporters get early access to our memes and articles, and when we launch the next phase of our website in a few months (gonna be YUUGE!), they’ll be pretty happy with what we have planned.

How you can help #5

Need some right wing merchandise? We’ve got loads of it. Get it from us knowing that you’re helping one of your favorite websites stay in business.

How you can help #6

One of the better ways to help us out is to check out our special offers and promotions. Currently we’re working with both Acorns and Robinhood where by simply signing up you’re given either free stocks or spare change investment options.

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