Contest: Finish this AOC meme!

Contest rules

  1. Nothing vulgar – sexist or racist. Yea, yea, we understand freedom of speech, but don’t be a jackass.
  2. Comments must be posted in the comments section of our website. Comments on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest will not count. Contest ends June 1st.
  3. Winner gets some http://www.thefunnyconservative.com swag
  4. If you want the swag but can’t come up with something witty, you can get swag for dirt cheap at our online store at https://the-funny-conservative.myshopify.com

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  1. LOL Str8 trolling. AOC does have a passing resemblance to Gal Gadot, but nowhere the original WW, Linda Carter.

  2. She has a passing resemblance to Gal Gadot but looks nothing like Linda Carter, the original.

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