Contest: Finish this AOC meme!

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Contest rules

  1. Nothing vulgar – sexist or racist. Yea, yea, we understand freedom of speech, but don’t be a jackass.
  2. Comments must be posted in the comments section of our website. Comments on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest will not count. Contest ends June 1st.
  3. Winner gets some swag
  4. If you want the swag but can’t come up with something witty, you can get swag for dirt cheap at our online store at

4 thoughts on “Contest: Finish this AOC meme!

  1. LOL Str8 trolling. AOC does have a passing resemblance to Gal Gadot, but nowhere the original WW, Linda Carter.

  2. She has a passing resemblance to Gal Gadot but looks nothing like Linda Carter, the original.

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