#WALKAWAY Women Walk Away From Democrat Party in Droves

Brandon Straka, a lifelong Democrat, says he was having one of the typical liberal meltdowns when Donald Trump won the election in 2016. He says he reached out looking for answers and one of his conservative friends opened his eyes to media bias, out of context reporting of conservative events, and what is really going on in both the left and right wing movements. After researching the truth about both sides of the political aisle for a year, he started the #WALKAWAY movement to encourage others to do their own research, share their stories and leave the Democrat party.

Learn more about the #WALKAWAY movement by clicking on the link below, or continue scrolling for more great pictures and memes of our great Conservative women showing their support for the right and President Trump.

“Fake News” Halloween costume

Clink the picture below to meet Brandon Straka, the founder of the #WALKWAY campaign.

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