Come check out these beautiful Gadsden Flag parodies

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Cancel culture and everything being racist has got us on the right raising our hackles – exactly what the British did to the colonists, causing us to create the first Gadsden Flag – a simple coiled rattlesnake sitting in a patch of high grass with the words “DON’T TREAD ON ME” written in block letters underneath it. There’s nothing racial or otherwise controversial about it, just a simple request to be left in peace; the exact feeling that conservatives and libertarians feel when hearing about more episodes of ridiculous cancel culture activities.

Some have taken the flag’s spirit and made some great parodies, many of which are hilarious and definitely worth sharing. We’ve collected a few from across the web and put them up in this small collection. Scroll down, enjoy, and download and share your favorites – or text out the URL and share the entire post!

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