Here’s the easiest summary of what happened

TOO MANY COINCIDENCES - Trump was ahead in EVERY swing state when, simultaneously, all the swing states AND ONLY the swing states received an order to stop counting and kick out Republican poll watchers. Overflowing toilet reported as a water main burst, but only Republicans were asked to leave? VIDEOS UNEXPLAINED - Several vidoes have... Continue Reading →

Big Tech Censorship: Idiocy or Treason?

You can watch the Columbine High School Massacre on YouTube, a pedophile can get their jollies from watching clips of "Cuties," and you can learn to build a bomb, potentially becoming a terrorist yourself. But heaven forbid that people watch actual evidence of election fraud, events that are literally still going on and still being... Continue Reading →

Trump won in a landslide

The odds of Biden winning are mathematically equivalent as a coin landing "heads" 300 times in a row. Sure, it's possible - but would you believe it if someone told you it happened? Would you bet your country's future on it?

This woman gets it

The most votes in history by a man who couldn't fill a Denny's? The man who gave us the strongest economy in history lost to a man who was on his third try at the Presidency? A man who had to drop out once for plagiarism? A man who gets caught lying repeatedly, like when... Continue Reading →