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It’s this simple: *IF* your child gets COVID, it will likely have almost ZERO effect on them. On the other hand, the “vaccine,” is extremely new so there’s no long term data on what effects it has, studies show it only works a little bit and only for a few days, and, even if you don’t believe them, there’s tons of stories about it causing severe reactions, even death, after taking it. So, here’s the question for dad and mom: Why tf would you do that to your son or daughter?

Politics over safety

Here’s what they’re doing in Europe: (Headlines copied and pasted below, link is to the actual article) Forbes: Germany, France Restrict Moderna’s Covid Vaccine For Under-30s Over Rare Heart Risk—Despite Surging Cases ABC News: Scandinavians curb Moderna shots for some younger patients British Medical Journal: Covid-19: Sweden, Norway, […]

Now the question becomes

Who is more evil? The politicians and Deep State operatives who funded this but hid it from us so they can remain in power? The pharmaceutical companies who hid it to increase their profits, especially when they convinced governments to exaggerate the severity of the disease to trick […]

You have two choices:

Inject yourself with this new vaccine technology that doesn’t protect you from the virus, doesn’t reduce the severity of the virus, and has caused heart inflammation and nervous system problems in tens or even hundreds of thousands of people. Additionally, there are no long-term studies on the effects […]