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Me the whole month of June

The fact is simple: 99.999% of us don’t care about homosexuals getting “married” or whatever they want to do. But when it’s shoved in our faces on every TV commercial, every clothing advertisement, with TV shows having LGBT characters that are 10 times over-represented, it gets a little […]

Get it here – Fuck Biden Stickers

HUGE STICKERS.  Massive, 4-inch-tall by 6-inch-wide stickers are guaranteed to be seen HIGH QUALITY PRINTING.  Printed in the highest possible resolution for beautiful, clear, and vibrant stickers. OUTDOOR RATED.  These stickers are coated with UV protecting laminate that will make them resistant even to direct sunlight, plus waterproof so […]

Ready for the 4th?

PICK YOUR COLOR.  Ben Drankin is printed to order right here in the US, with 8 colors to choose from including lemon yellow, slate, black, baby blue, silver, grass, heather grey, and pink.BEACH, POOL, AND BACKYARD READY.  100% cotton on solid colors, with a polyester blend available for […]

The Republican Club

If you have a decent eye for art and a small interest in politics, especially conservative leaning politics, you’ll recognize that The Republican Club painting by Andy Thomas is a great piece. It shows President Trump wearing a bright white shirt and red tie to grab your attention, […]

Phony Bunches of Votes

The reports are damning: stacks of votes coming in hundreds and hundreds in a row for Biden, a statistical impossibility; stacks of votes for Biden that are all pristine, without the standard creases one would get from being stuffed in a ballot box or an envelope, machines appearing […]