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Get it here – Nation of Sheep stickers

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Different species of the Political Compass

The Political Compass is a popular website which asks it's visitors questions in order to rate political ideology along a spectrum that has two axes: economic (left / right) and social (authoritarian / libertarian). Below is where the creators of the Political Compass place some historical figures, followed by some memes of the different species... Continue Reading →


The stock market has always been a great place to invest, especially in times like today when stocks are going for below what they're worth because people are scared of the uncertainty under Clown Shoes Biden. Have you been wanting to invest but choosing not to because you don't want to pay $9 or $19... Continue Reading →

We’re thankful for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

As the 2019 Thanksgiving holiday approaches we'd like to thank God for putting AOC in our lives. She's so airheaded and meme-able that she could single-handedly keep our website in business. Show off your great political wit with this fantastic shirt from thefunnyconservative.comBest part: Order straight from Amazon! Click image above to get yours today!

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John Miller is a Nazi

Do these clowns even realize what they're doing? What they're calling for? Posting it here to showcase what an absolute tool this guy is. Sadly, he'll probably think I should get the electric chair for publicizing what a jerk he is, but maybe showing how insane lefties can be will make one or two of... Continue Reading →