Can we talk about this now?

Objectively look at the data - both sides - and then make your decision. It doesn't protect you nor does it significantly reduce symptoms if you catch it, but is the most likely culprit in tens of thousands of "unexplained deaths." It's fair to say it's more risk than benefit - and the left is... Continue Reading →

In a word, NO.

Right now, a recruit can be denied entry because he has flat feet and custom inserts are too much of a burden for the military medical system. But another guy who wants to turn his penis into a vagina, along with years of hormone therapy, facial reconstruction surgery, breast augmentation surgery, and assignment to non-demanding... Continue Reading →

Deadly Sin Month

Regardless what the liberals say, it's not that their sexual activities are different than the majority of us, it's that they flaunt it and demand you participate and condone it by giving them attention, attending their events, and more. I'm sorry, but I honestly don't care what you do in the dark. If you wouldn't... Continue Reading →

Bill Maher is now a centrist, but…

his positions haven't changed one tiny bit. It's that Biden, AOC, and the Democrats have gone so far left that once semi-understandable liberal positions are now centrist or even center-right. The Overton Window has shifted.

Let’s walk the dog on this one

So a biologist can determine what a woman is? Presumably, that would be using biology. Biological distinction between male and female is a penis vs. a vagina. Or, ovaries vs. testicles. Or the gametes that it produces, as in sperm vs. eggs. Biologists can also get very technical and do a chromosome analysis where men... Continue Reading →

Here’s how this worked out

Lia (birthname William) Thomas will not get any respect for the rest of his life outside of the far left. Maybe he'll get some money from some far left organization, but it won't be much and it won't be for long. He'll likely change his name if he wants to expand his social circle. The... Continue Reading →