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Let’s follow this logic

Liberals say, "Critical Race Theory is important and we're doing it. But even though we're actively teaching how great black people are and how horrible white people are, our history is still white-washed."Liberals also so that hen white people homeschool their children, it's bad, but when black people homeschool their children, it's good and they... Continue Reading →

Is we

Fixing a culture that not only allows -but ENCOURAGES- illiteracy and poor education will go a long way towards healing our entire nation.

“#BlackLivesMatter” and “it’s time for revenge we tired s**t over with now we shooting yall go cry to yo momma”

And here's some links to the story, in case you still have any sympathy for "Black Lives Matter" The New American: "Black Man Executes Five-year-old White Boy in Front of His Sisters; National Media Ignore Story"The Political Insider: "5 Year-Old Child Executed by North Carolina Man for Entering His Yard"The Federalist: "Black Man Shoots 5-Year-Old... Continue Reading →

Don’t be a pendejo

No one - not a single person - in the Hispanic / latin community calls it "Latinx." Partly because it's against their culture, and partly because they're not absolute effing morons.

A simple question for the liberals:

We have plenty of video of Joe Biden saying the N-word, including him saying he doesn't want to desegregate schools so his kids don't go to school with black children. Here's a simple question: Why aren't any mainstream media sources even mentioning it, but can't shut up about Joe Rogan saying it?

Glenn Youngkin had a great first day

Eliminated Critical Race Theory from schoolsDeleted the "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion" section from the governor's websiteFired and eliminated the state position of "Chief Diversity Officer," whatever the heck that means. Not bad, Governor Youngkin. Keep it up!