Let’s follow this logic

Liberals say, "Critical Race Theory is important and we're doing it. But even though we're actively teaching how great black people are and how horrible white people are, our history is still white-washed."Liberals also so that hen white people homeschool their children, it's bad, but when black people homeschool their children, it's good and they... Continue Reading →

Either stupid or consumed by hatred for Trump

Hatred fueled by the media, and the reasonable among us were unable to counter the fake news because we'd get banned from social media for simply talking about it. Remember this as the censorship worsens, especially as we approach the 2022 election cycle.

Let’s set the record straight:

The "Don't Say Gay" Bill only asks for teachers to not teach gender theory until 4th grade. Although the media is doing a fantastic job of calling it the "Don't Say Gay" Bill and claiming that sex education isn't being taught at all, 2/3rds of Americans actually support the bill when they find out what... Continue Reading →

A simple question for the liberals:

We have plenty of video of Joe Biden saying the N-word, including him saying he doesn't want to desegregate schools so his kids don't go to school with black children. Here's a simple question: Why aren't any mainstream media sources even mentioning it, but can't shut up about Joe Rogan saying it?