Punk truly is dead

For most of us, Rage Against the Machine and The Offspring both died when they started pushing facemasks and vaccine mandates. It's enough to send almost any 80s or 90s kid away crying.

Who do Black Lives actually matter to?

Because it's certainly liberals who yell and scream about it but don't want to enforce law and order because it might hurt some feelings. If you cared about black lives you'd increase police patrols and demand law and order in these communities regardless of what signs some thugs and brainless libtards hold up on street... Continue Reading →

“#BlackLivesMatter” and “it’s time for revenge we tired s**t over with now we shooting yall go cry to yo momma”

And here's some links to the story, in case you still have any sympathy for "Black Lives Matter" The New American: "Black Man Executes Five-year-old White Boy in Front of His Sisters; National Media Ignore Story"The Political Insider: "5 Year-Old Child Executed by North Carolina Man for Entering His Yard"The Federalist: "Black Man Shoots 5-Year-Old... Continue Reading →

Here’s the best part:

Drilling for oil causes a lot of pollution including emissions into the atmosphere, ground water, and toxic materials drilled up from deep in the Earth that cause a lot of damage on the surface. When we drill for oil in the U.S., we take great care to minimize all of this. None of that care... Continue Reading →

Even though you can’t simultaneously fill your gas tank and feed your family, George Takei wants you to take pride in “putting the screws” to Putin

Meanwhile, he is in his multi-million-dollar Los Angeles home, enjoying the celebrity lifestyle unaffected by the inflation that's crippling the rest of us peasants. Would he urge Biden to resume oil production that would drive down the cost of EVERYthing worldwide? Absolutely not because that would slow down the Green New Deal initiatives that liberals... Continue Reading →