Everything is Russians and racists

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Remember in November

They made us close our businesses and now they're inflating the economy by printing money and shutting down domestic energy production. Remember in November that all of our woes can be laid neatly at the Democrats' feet.

Weimar 2022

We have the entire breadth of human knowledge on our phones, but our "leaders" choose to ignore the basics because it goes against their politics. Here's a good starting point on what the Democrat policies will inevitably lead us to: Weimar Republic

gAS pRicEs arEn’T BidEn’S fAUlT

Usually said by the same idiots who praised him for opening the Strategic Reserve which dropped gas prices 2 cents for about 3 days, only costing us fuel that's reserved for our Navy's emergency war fighting capability.

Here’s the reality that Dems refuse to acknowledge

Saudi Arabians aren't dumb. They know that under Trump, America removed all the ridiculous and ineffective environmental restrictions on drilling and fracking, and became the #1 oil producer in the world. They also see us suffering under this dolt's policies and the inflation they're bringing. So they're going to slow roll the increase of production... Continue Reading →

It’s not so much that Janet Yellen was wrong

... it's that conservatives have been saying this would happen for years and they called it a conspiracy theory. When confronted with the question about how inflation is what happened every single time when other nations printed this much money, they laughed it off saying she was somehow doing it right. Remember this in November.... Continue Reading →

How’s this for a wake up call?

Joe Biden changed the way that inflation is calculated in order to not look so bad - at "only" 8.5%. If we calculated the way we did under Jimmy Carter it would be approximately 17.1%. For reference, Jimmy Carter, considered by many to be the worst President ever because of his inflation level, had an... Continue Reading →

Hate it? You voted for it.

And if you didn't vote for it, did you do everything you could to fight it? Did you volunteer to watch the polls? Did you encourage people to come out and vote - even in blue states? Did you knock on doors? Did you attend rallies? Did you donate to a conservative or right leaning... Continue Reading →

Here’s the best part:

Drilling for oil causes a lot of pollution including emissions into the atmosphere, ground water, and toxic materials drilled up from deep in the Earth that cause a lot of damage on the surface. When we drill for oil in the U.S., we take great care to minimize all of this. None of that care... Continue Reading →

Even though you can’t simultaneously fill your gas tank and feed your family, George Takei wants you to take pride in “putting the screws” to Putin

Meanwhile, he is in his multi-million-dollar Los Angeles home, enjoying the celebrity lifestyle unaffected by the inflation that's crippling the rest of us peasants. Would he urge Biden to resume oil production that would drive down the cost of EVERYthing worldwide? Absolutely not because that would slow down the Green New Deal initiatives that liberals... Continue Reading →

Two things to Remember in November:

Conservatives saw this coming before the 2020 election. Liberals claimed that it would go up a few cents at most and that it was necessary in order to "go green." Here we are with gas up well over a dollar - and climbing! - and no substantial "greening" of our energy infrastructure.Joe Biden can bring... Continue Reading →

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