Remember or download this graph and read these statistics for the next time some idiot tries telling you that we need to control guns to reduce our violent crime rate

Key points: The US is 16 of 47 (about a third of the way down). Comparing against the countries on either side of us we see that Pakistan's (#15 on list) has rather loose gun laws, but a slightly lower homicide rate, and that Tanzania's (#17 on list) gun laws are roughly equivalent to what... Continue Reading →

That’s enough crazy for today

I'll turn in my guns the day that we go a single WEEK without an armed mugging or robbery in MY CITY, not even my state. Right now we're having NINE in a two hour spree conducted by just one group of thugs. Yea... I'll keep mine, thank you.

Which is more likely

a. That this conversation would ever happen b. That if criminals knew we're unarmed, would increase their violent crimes knowing that there's nothing to stop them, especially in cities and states where Democrats neutered police departments across the nation (looking at you, California)