Can someone pass an urgent message to this clown?

Dear Malik,

You claim to be a Leninist-Marxist and a Muslim, but I don’t think you’ve read either book.

If you did, you’d know that homosexuals are persecuted in Chechnya as per this article on Human Rights Watch. This other article here says they’re trying to “exterminate gay people,” which alone would make me drop the whole Leninist-Marxist garbage, but you’re obviously much smarter than me, so I’m sure you know better. Granted, Chechnya isn’t Russia, but the same nonsense goes on in Russia, according to this article in The Guardian that reports on gay activists being arrested for “protests” that are milquetoast compared to what we horrible capitalists allow them to do here in the U.S. It’s not a new thing, either, with this article reporting arrests for Moscow protests against the Russian government abusing LGBT community members in 2018, and this one reporting the same thing happening in St. Petersburg in 2019. Also, the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy that you likely railed against here in the U.S. is the policy for the Russian military, according to this article.

Regarding your embrace of Islam, we love that you’re getting closer to God, although the religion you’ve recently chosen isn’t conducive to a homosexual lifestyle in Saudi Arabia unless you’re looking to go to prison , nor is it a good idea to practice homosexuality in Iran, as they just kill you instead of putting you in jail. Even in the more progressive Islamic country of Turkey, homosexuals lack basic rights and legal protections.

But, you do whatever you’d like, Malik. Godspeed and good luck on your journey when you leave “Occupied Massachusetts land” and depart for either Russia or the Middle East. Although it’d be a little difficult to get the video game systems, skin care products, fancy teas, and all the other stuff you post about in your Twitter feed while simultaneously denouncing capitalism.

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