Bill O’Reilly: Bernie Sanders And The Vicious ‘Bernie Bros.’ Will Crash The Market

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Bill O’Reilly joins Glenn Beck to explain how American society has transformed from a cohesive unit to divided tribes, with the help of social media and technology. And, O’Reilly says, that divisiveness has spread to politics — with the two parties becoming splintered ones where the loudest, and most “vicious” tribe wins. This year, Bernie Sanders and the Bernie Bros are the most outspoken group, using social media to attack anybody who disagrees with their radical agenda. It’s why all the other Democrats are scared of the Sanders campaign, and why they fail to attack him and his policies on the debate stage. But, O’Reilly predicts, America will unite again on election day. Voters will ultimately choose Trump over Sanders because of the risk the latter poses to the economy and to the stock market.

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