Big Brother bans Menthols!

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There’s no new carcinogen identified, no new data, no new developments beside what we already know.

This ban can be summed up like this: Joe Biden’s administration has decided that they will make health decisions for you. Big Brother doesn’t like the decisions that some of us make and have taken that out of our hands.

The question now is, “What’s next?” They’re already targeting red meat, saying they’re going to implement restrictions to limit us to about 4 hamburgers per year. What’s next to be banned? Potato chips? Alcohol? Lottery tickets? Bungee jumping? Soda?

Add this to the list of things to rub in Democrat voters faces – let’s take back our country and never let these clowns back in to power.

Of course Diane Feinstein agrees with it! When is the last time Democrats didn’t fully support each other? They’re one big giant cult worshipping Big Government!

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