Best Memes This Week: YUGE WEEK Edition

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It’s been another crazy week and we’ve done what we can to document it all in meme format. Please be patient and let this page load because it’s got a ridiculously huge number of memes!

James Woods is Back!

The King of Conservative Twitter is back with a bang after a nearly year long suspension. Click here or on any of his Tweets below to see a full post of his best stuff since returning.

Two things on this: 1 – Imagine if it was a bunch of young, white males beating up an old black man. 2 – This would never have happened if the old man was armed.

Don’t Let Benghazi Fade

We have been distracted by the hoax impeachment and are now looking forward to the next election. Don’t let this make you forget that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are responsible for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi because they wanted to play politics, and then they lied to the families about the cause of the death. This is truly despicable.

If you never really learned the truth of what happened in Libya on September 11th, 2012 or want to refresh your memory on what happened, click here or on any of the images in the section below to see a full post.