Best Memes This Week: We’re All Socialists Now Edition

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Every week we post a compilation of that’s week’s best individual memes and most popular posts. Scroll down and get ready to spend a lot of time laughing because not only are these posts hysterical, they’re also huge!

102 Terrifying and Hysterical Murder Hornet Memes

As if World War 3, endless impeachment hearings, and the coronavirus wasn’t enough, 2020 also brought us Murder Hornets! These huge, angry insects are an invasive species from Asia that somehow made it to the US. They’re killing our honey bees, as big as your thumb, and as mean as can be. It looks like we’re not making it out of 2020 alive so we might as well go out laughing at these hysterical memes. Click here or on any of the murder hornet memes in the section below to see the full post.

Yea,… that’s gonna be a nope from me!

Big Memes and Big Quotes About Big Government

Our government has used the coronavirus pandemic to do a massive power grab against the people. We need to remind our fellow Americans about the dangers of a too powerful government and humor is a great weapon to open their eyes. Luckily, we have a full page of memes meant to do just that. Click here or on any of the images below to see the full post now.

Our Tribute to Barack Obama

The coronavirus and the government’s response to it in Democrat controlled states has been dominating the news, but we can always take a few minutes and pay tribute to our former President, Barack Obama. Click here or on any of the images below to pay him the respect he deserves.

Come Sniff These Joe Biden Memes

Click here or on any of the Joe Biden memes below to see our latest post of Joe Biden memes!

Reopen America!

All states with Republican governors are either fully open or well on their way towards reopening and restarting their economies. In contrast, all states with Democrat governors are still shut down, some barely beginning even the planning process for opening up.

Click here or on any reason below to see our post on the smart way to reopen, what reopening will look like, and what the real reason is behind the left’s refusal to budge on this crucial point in our recovery.

The Drink Bleach Fallacy

The President never said to drink bleach or to inject yourself with disinfectants. He also wasn’t talking to the people, he was talking to his team of doctors who were off camera and asking them about potential treatments.

So after reading that, many people would probably ask themselves, “Couldn’t he have been more clear?” The answer is no. He was very clear. To those who are intellectually honest his audience was the team of doctors who accompanied him and his message was, “Hey, doctors, look into this.” Unfortunately he was speaking in front of millions of leftists who will jump on any opportunity to twist his words for political points and then to use this against him when speaking to the majority of Americans who aren’t fully invested in politics. The leftists want to approach these non-political types and say, “Hey, Mr. or Mrs. Not Very Political, don’t vote for this guy, he said to drink Lysol” when it’s simply not true.

We’re primarily a humor website. And even though we’ve proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is fake news, these memes are pretty funny. We obviously don’t agree about how honest they are, but that they’re at least somewhat funny is undeniable. There’s only three below and you click either her or on any of them to see the full post.

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