Best Memes this Week: Virginia is for Fighters Edition

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This is what indoctrination looks like

Virginia Gun Rights Rally: Perfect Execution

The rally in Richmond was hyped up by Governor Northam and the media as being a ticking time bomb of hate and white supremacy. It turned out to be a peaceful demonstration as patriots from around the nation came to protest the unfair gun laws being proposed by the newly elected Democrats in the state legislature. There were no fights, no violence, no crimes of any kind.

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Babylon Bee gets called out by CNN and Snopes as being “fake news.”

Upset that the right wing obviously satire site Babylon Bee gets more online traffic than they do, CNN calls them out as being “fake news.” Snopes then decides that they need to jump in the fray and fact checks the Bee. The Bee then goes on an all out media blitz and embarasses the crap out of both. You can’t make this stuff up.

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