Best Memes this Week: The Socialist Taco Edition

Our best memes this week: Scroll down, then download and share your favorites! Just make sure you’re patient and let the page load because it’s a heck of a lot of memes!

Pa la Guajira: A look at Cuba through pictures and memes

One of our closest neighbors is a fully communist country that takes any opportunity to be a thorn in our side. The people are starving and any protests are ruthlessly put down by the totalitarian government. It’s past time to do something about this vile regime right on our doorstep, especially since we’re so willing to take action on the other side of the planet against countries with half the amount of human rights violations. We have a full post that you can see by clicking here or on any of the pictures in the section below, or keep scrolling for more great memes.

Military Branches as Members of the Office

We love the military. We love The Office. And we love this small collection of memes comparing The Office Members to the different branches of the military. Click here or on any of the pictures in the section below to see the whole collection, or keep scrolling for even more memes.