Best Memes this Week: The COVID Pinata Edition

Every week we post a mega compilation of that week’s best and most popular memes – including things that are too spicy to post on social media, so be sure to at least go through these compilation posts if you don’t visit our website. It’s just a huge post with topics from the military to taxes to social issues and everything in between. You’re guaranteed to love it, so get in here and get ready to laugh! All we ask is that you download your favorite ones and share away so we can spread the conservative message.

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Video: Ronald Reagan and Joe Biden telling the same joke

Joe Biden botched the heck out of a joke during a speech to the graduating Coast Guard academy this week, then berated the crowd for not laughing. Click here or on the image below to watch this video comparing Ronald Reagan absolutely nailing the same joke and share so that others can also realize how far we’ve come since the Gipper.