Best Memes this Week: Megan Rapinoe is a Loser, Tamyrah Mensah-Stock is a Winner Edition

Every week we publish our best and most popular memes of that week, including those that we don’t post on Facebook or Instagram to avoid getting another suspension. This week we focus on two things:

Megan Rapinoe and how her loss brought us joy; we can’t stand America haters!

Tamyrah Mensah-Stock’s win and how her love for the U.S. brought all Americans together, she beign the unifying figure we needed at this crucial time when we’re all at odds over Joe Biden and his stupid threats to reinstitute mask mandates.

It’s a lot of memes and a lot of videos, so be patient and let them load while you scroll down.

Video: Pitbull Is Speaking The Truth About The Situation In Cuba

The situation in Cuba is dire – and with it being a communist regime less than 100 miles off our coast, it’s probably the ONE country we should be involved with. Cuban-American musician Pitbull speaks truth about what’s going on inside the island hellhole in this short video. Click here or on the image below to watch it now, or keep scrolling for even more memes.

Megan Rapinoe is a Jackass

This woman has made millions off the U.S., riding our relatively new appreciation for soccer. Instead of riding the wave of popularity and turning it into something positive, she’s using her newfound fame to badmouth America and gain woke points from her fellow liberals.

We have a full page of memes dedicated to showing how big of a jack ass she is, a few of which are below. Click here or on any of them to see the whole post, or keep scrolling for more memes.

Military Branches As ‘The Office’

Whoever made these memes of the different military branches as cast members of “The Office” deserves a commendation medal. We have a full post of it that you can see by clicking here or on any of the images in the section below, or keep scrolling for more of this week’s best memes.

Video: Dinesh D’Souza: The Attack on Mike Lindell is the REAL Danger to Democracy

Dinesh D’Souza explains why the left HATES Mike Lindell and attacks him viciously: His message is simple, wholesome, and resonates with the average American. Click here or on the image below to watch it, or keep scrolling for even more of this week’s best memes.

Video: Countdown to Socialism and Big Tech Tyranny

Everything you’ve read about Russia’s government controlling what their citizens read in the papers or hear on the radio is about to come true. All the stories about journalists in China being arrested and disappearing are next. We’re becoming everything our Founding Fathers wanted to avoid and the Democrats are doing it all in the name of “safety and security.”

This video is not just important for you to watch, but for you to share – especially with those who claim to be apolitical or “just not that into politics.” Click here or on the image below to watch (and share!), or continue scrolling for even more great memes.