Best Memes this Week: Laying Some Concrete Edition

It’s been another great week for conservatives, with Biden’s vaccine mandate getting stopped by the federal courts and Jussie Smollet’s guilty verdict on five of the six charges. Not only can the liberal left NOT catch a break, but we’re adding insult to injury with these great memes.

It’s another huge post of 100+ memes plus some videos, so please be patient as you scroll down as this will take a couple of seconds to load on any phone or computer.

Laying the groundwork for when they rescind all these vaccine orders!

Video: End of Quote

Like a somehow dumber version of Ron Burgundy, Joe Biden will read anything put on the teleprompter including the words “End of Quote” at the last part of a statement. By itself, it’s a humorous error that we could all understand and forgive someone as busy as the President could make, but in conjunction with the dozens of other gaffes he’s made, it’s just another nail in the coffin, further proving that this man is mentally incompetent. Click here or on the image below for a link to the video, or keep scrolling for even more great memes.

Video: Bongino’s Full Take Down of BLM Leader

The “leader” of BLM’s New York City chapter came on Dan Bongino’s show to try to defend his threat to New York City, saying “there will be riots, there will be fire, and there will be bloodshed” if they begin to police their streets and reduce crime again. Apparently, using some of the billions donated to BLM to buy Christmas gifts for kids cancels out the riots? Bongino destroys the man, exposing him for the thug he is. Watch the full video by clicking here or keep scrolling for even more great memes.

Video: Russell Brand and Candace Owens Discuss the Populist Revolution. Will It Go Left or Right?

Russell Brand interviews Candace Owens and discuss the “populist revolution.” Both agree that the people are unhappy with government but get into a high energy discussion on whether it will go left or right. Click here to watch the full video, or keep scrolling for more great memes.

Video: Ben Shapiro calls BS on “preferred” pronouns

Ben Shapiro calls it perfectly: Forcing someone to call you by something that you aren’t is ridiculous and we should all immediately refuse to do so out of force. Click here to watch him give a master class on how to reject these demands, or keep scrolling for even more great memes.

Video: MSNBC’s Joy Reid and Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar on Calls For ‘Condemnation and Punishment’ For Boebert’s Racist Comments

Joy Reid is an idiot and Ilhan Omar is a moron, but both are racists that hate America and want to turn it into a third world crap hole. Click here to watch them team up to attack Lauren Boebert and just spin each other up as they recite the standard left wing talking points about “the far right,” or keep scrolling for more memes.

The Chicago variant of COVID below seems particularly dangerous!

(Gallery) A Collection of Pics and Headlines of Hypocritical Democrats Violating their own Facemask Mandates – The Funny Conservative

Need your blood pressure raised? Click here or on any of the images below to see a full gallery of Democrats flaunting their own facemask mandates or keep scrolling for even more great memes.

Just a reminder that George Floyd was a piece of shit