Best Memes this Week: Keystone and Cold Bernie Edition

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Every week we post a compilation of that week’s best and most popular memes, and this week we have quite a bit with the inauguration of President Clown Shoes, him killing the Keystone Pipeline, and Bernie Sanders becoming yet another meme.

Scroll down for an even huge post and remember to be patient and let it load because it’s a whole lotta memes.

Cold Bernie

A picture of a grumpy Bernie Sanders wearing some grandpa mittens at the Clownshoes Inauguration went viral, with thousands of memesmiths around the nation making hilarious memes. Only a handful are in the section below but we’ve got the largest collection of them, literally hundreds on one page that you see by clicking here or on any of the pictures in the section below.

Or keep scrolling for even more memes.

Video: Let’s Flashback to When Kamala Harris Cheered on Antifa / BLM Riots

Click here on the image below for a link to a video of Kamala Harris cheering on the Antifa / Black Lives Matter riots, or keep scrolling for even more memes.

Jocko Willink: Get after it

We all need a little motivation sometimes and this video, “Get After It,” by Jocko Willink, will have you revved up and going. Click here on the image below to watch it now, or keep scrolling for more memes.

Video: Portland’s Mayor makes brutal admission Antifa that makes him look a fool

Jerk Supreme and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler finally admits Antifa is a problem that needs to be dealt with. Click here on the image below to see the full video, or keep scrolling for even more memes.

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