Best Memes This Week: Iron Lady Edition

Congratulations, you clicked on a double-huge mega post. There are more memes on this one page than on some entire “sites.” Please be patient, scroll slowly, and enjoy the memes. Literally laughing out loud (LLOL) is authorized!

Had a few memes left over from Valentine’s Day. Still good, though. Download and send to your socialist loved ones!

Margaret Thatcher, The Iron Lady

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was one of President Reagan’s staunchest allies against the Soviet Union. One of the biggest opponents of the socialist movement, she left us with many great quotes to help us today as we continue our fight against the evils of socialism. We have a full page dedicated to her that you can see by clicking here or on any of her quotes below.

More Great Anti-Socialism Quotes

The more Bernie Sanders and the socialist wing of the Democrat Party gains momentum the more important it is for you to learn about how dangerous socialism really is. Below are just a few of the quotes from the greatest minds in the conservative movement. Click here or on any of the quotes below to see the full post.

With all respect to Jazzy Starlet above, I’ll pass. Conservative women are more my type.

We must be one of Facebook’s favorite websites to suspend: We literally got suspended once even though we didn’t even post anything! Read more about their intolerance for conservatives and how you can help fight their censorship by clicking here on the image below.

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Actual Trump protestor below. Not a costume. This is who we are fighting in November.

Some Odd Statues and TV Characters, Unfair Athletic Advantages, and My Inability to Pretend It’s Not What It Obviously Is

We received a lot of hate for this post about the transgender community, even though there’s controversial in it. If you read the article you’ll see that what we advocate for is that the trans community does whatever they want, but to please do 3 things:

  • Stop advocating for biological men to compete against women. Not only is it unfair, but it sheds light that they’re not actually women when one athlete’s THIGH is roughly the size of another one’s chest.
  • Stop advocating for elementary school age children to get hormone therapy. This is clearly child abuse.
  • Stop calling people transphobic or other labels because we don’t support things like the two items listed above, or when they refuse to date trans people, etc.

There’s a ton of great memes -some are a little spicy, but all are hilarious. We did catch a lot of complaints over this post, but it’s definitely one of our better posts we feel. Click here or on any of the LGBT / Trans memes below to see the full post, or keep scrolling for more of this week’s best memes.

That’s a biological boy posing with a drag queen. The one on the left, most of us ignore or attend their shows if they’re entertaining, etc. The one on the right is child abuse.

Below is an exhibit at a museum featuring transgender art Most Americans are accepting of this except for when this museum…

… allows children. This is pornographic and this young girl, as well as whatever other children were there, should not be allowed to see this.